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Jonathan Weinbrenn
Jonathan Weinbrenn
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 11th August 2014

Confidence in the market driving Workplace Outsourcing

Accountancy firm BDO said its UK jobs index for July, which measures hiring plans over the next three months, was at its highest level since 1998. Professional Services firm, CBRE are reporting a surge in corporate real estate outsourcing demand across EMEA.

These two announcements, issued today represent the tangible realities of the new economy, post global economic meltdown.

The near collapse of the Eurozone, North America veering perilously close to their fiscal cliff on several occasions and the exposure of the world’s banking system almost seem a distant memory… and the outcome? A leaner, more efficient focused commercial world, striving to increase productivity and drive down unnecessary cost and waste.

‘"This is having a knock-on effect for associated real estate services, with corporates seeking advice on how to enter new markets, drive portfolio efficiencies and support their wider business objectives” Ian Entwisle, CEO - EMEA Global Corporate Services, CBRE said. The report continues “Thus far in 2014, over twice as many outsourcing opportunities are for ‘full service’ requirements as compared to the whole of 2013.”

BDO's optimism index - which measures businesses' expectations over the next six months - was at its highest level for more than a year in July. "The unprecedented growth we've seen in UK employment this year looks set to continue," said BDO partner Peter Hemington.

Corporates (and smaller businesses too) are under increasing pressure to deliver workplace environments and flexible options for their staff, in order to attract and also to retain the best talent. Workplace Outsourcing enables organisations to focus on their core activity; to draw on the best expertise to source, deliver and maintain their space and to ensure flexibility and cost control in their real estate planning