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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 28th September 2011

Cool Gadgets and Innovative Design for Office Space

A great way to generate ideas and creative thinking is by being in a unique and innovative .

If you’re stuck in a office environment full of computers and magnolia paint work, your creative juices could be stifled. So why not think outside the box, and take a look at these designs and gadgets that will brighten up your working day, and get those creative juices flowing again.


This Pig and piglet USB is more of a , but if this is sat next to your computer, it will certainly make you smile!

Solar Panel Charger 

How about this innovative and eco-friendly design – A solar panelled iPhone charger – this would go down well at , as nearly everyone (except me) has an iPhone!

Tree Bookshelf

This beautiful design brings the outdoors indoors, as well as being practical, and will most likely be a feature picked up on by prospective clients visiting your business centre.

Wordsearch Clock

This digital clock tells the time through an illuminated word search. The unique design could be an insight to the future of clocks.

Furry Wall

If you have ever seen the film, Get Him To The Greek this may be as amusing to you as it is to me! Whether that film was the inspiration behind this design or not, it is an ergonomically friendly way of writing. Forget the black boards and white boards of the past, the furry wall is the future!