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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd March 2012

CPC Group buys London house on world’s most expensive row of terraces houses

Cornwall Terrace, described as the world's most expensive row of terraced houses

The world’s most expensive row of terraced houses on Cornwall Terrace, NW1, has had part of it claimed by Christian Candy’s CPC Group for approximately £35 million.

Former headquarters for British Land, Siddons House overlooks London’s prestigious and has been bought from developer Oakmayne Properties in order for it to be let to clients. Sources say that there has already been interest for the property during the London 2012 Olympic Games, and it could be rented for as much as £400,000 for this period.

The row of houses along this stretch have set records after one of the mansions situated there was sold for over £32 million by an unnamed Ukranian oligarch last year. This meant that the mansions, developed by Oakmayne, were worth over £3000 per square foot.

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