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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 01st September 2011

Does Google+ have the potential to overtake Facebook?


It seems that Facebook, the social networking site with universal popularity and a high rate of success, has found a new rival in recently established Google+.

Founded in 2004, Facebook now boasts 750 million users and has caused controversy and popularity in equal measure. The site rapidly overtook existing social networking sites such as Myspace and lesser-known The Well and Friendster, storming ahead with record numbers of users and becoming the most successful site of its kind.

However, recent research suggests that perhaps Facebook has met its match in Google+.

Google  Facebook 

Searcher Evangelist Eli Goodman from Search Engine Watch states that “Google+ is definitely off to a fast start in reaching the most desirable income segments, which may make it more attractive to advertisers”.

Comparative demographic analysis illustrates the statistical differences between the two social networking sites. Facebook’s longer existence is reflected in their search audience which is more aligned with the search population as a whole, whereas Google+’s majority following is 18-34 year olds and is seen as “good knowledge for Google to have as they develop their acquisition strategy and evolve their user base”.

The figures show a further distinction in household income figures, with over 32% of Google+ searchers claiming a household income of $100K as opposed to Facebook’s 23%, which boosts its appeal for advertisers.

So the potential is there for Google+ to become just as successful as Facebook. The question is, will Google+ take the lead, or will Facebook always be the big daddy of the social networking world…

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