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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 31st July 2012

Dynamic designs


The recent unveiling of the new Google offices in London and the BIPA offices in Vienna demonstrate how design has become a driving factor in the pursuit of office efficiency.

In the Vienna the architect has included several different communication features for the employees' informal meetings. Known collectively as the “communication zone” this area features pop-up stools and “causeways” to encourage brainstorming. Openings in the ceilings and the internal feature stairway also encourage communication between floors.

The London Google offices were designed with “visual fun” in mind. It includes submarine like noise proof doors “secret” gardens, video wall and timber tub allotments – all done in vivid distinctive colours.

Of course designing and building such offices requires a huge investment, but there is another way small companies and businesses can get access to the latest facilities and architectural designs, and that is by leasing serviced office space.

“The more attractive your office, the better its facilities - the more efficient your staff will be” comments a spokesperson from leading office broker Search Office Space. “Looked at in this way, renting space in a designer office can be a good investment.”