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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd June 2014

Easyjet and Regus planning joint venture

Easyjet and Regus have put aside past differences and are working on a project together, to aid business people passing through airports.

It was announced in a recent article by TTG Digital that the alliance hopes to roll out work and nap pods for travellers, helping to break up their journey and giving them somewhere to work and relax before or after their journey. The initiative hopes to be offered at some of its airports, such as Gatwick.

This is not the first deal Regus have made to make workspace more accessible for travellers. In Europe, they worked in conjunction with French rail company, SNCF, on a similar project to offer drop-in business centres for those on-the-go at large stations, such as Paris Nord, Bordeaux and Lille Flandres, hoping to branch out to further French cities later.

They also rolled out business centres in UK service stations in 2012, starting with a handful of centres on key motorway intersections, such as the M25 and M40 – with hopes to expand this to include European service stations too. In an article on Business Traveller, Regus’ CEO, Mark Dixon, said,

“This is yet another step in the global trend towards flexible working and the expansion of our growing Third Place business as more workers demand access to workspace outside the office and the home, as they seek to utilise the flexibility offered by mobile, tablet and cloud technologies.”

It's great to see that the flexible workplace is evolving as companies like Regus get on board. Offering rail, road and, now, air travelers a safe, reliable, private place to work is a great initiative and it will be interesting to see how it is received.