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  • 31st January 2011

Fleet Street – From Publishers to Business

Fleet Street – From Publishers to Business

Fleet Street is the historical ‘publication’ centre of the UK and was home to the British Press until 1980. Publishing on Fleet Street started in the early 1500s and in the 1700s, the Daily Courant was published - London’s first even daily newspaper.

The street is associated with taverns and bars but is also considered an ideal environment for quality Central London office space because of its close proximity to other well-known streets (Strand and Fetter Lane) and its excellent location in Central London.

Even though the publishing era of Fleet Street has gradually come to a halt the street is still used for publishing itself but also hosts a more ‘mixed’ variety of businesses and serviced office space. The majority of Fleet Street has been upgraded to high quality serviced office space and fully modernised inside, whilst still retaining that classic Fleet Street look that made it so attractive to high profile businesses in the first place.

C. Hoare & Co. is also situated on Fleet Street, and is one of London’s oldest private banks which earns a net revenue of £2 billion. Many publishers still use Fleet Street for their office space requirements as well as media companies, legal firms and print companies. The vast range of available office space rentals and cost effective flexible accommodation makes it a prime location within London.

Like most of Central London Fleet Street benefits from strong public transport links. It’s easy to get in and out of the office or around London from Fleet Street and as the street still holds its historic reputation, it brings a distinct and memorable address for most companies taking advantage of Fleet Street’s serviced office space.

It’s not all such an eyesore either. Fleet Street is a well known area for great architecture and stone-faced buildings with newly refurbished serviced office space on the inside. It still retains its natural ‘old London’ feel but manages to bring businesses all they need to run things smoothly.

The newspapers may have gone but business in Fleet Street continues to boom; Fleet Street is the picture of a modern London packed with reputation and history.