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Kal Vaughan
Kal Vaughan
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 19th March 2013

Geneva, Utah set for 2m sq ft office space expansion

Plans to build over 2m sq ft of commercial office space on the former site of the Geneva steel mill in Vineyard, Utah are set to go ahead, with its developers, Anderson Geneva announcing the development late yesterday evening.

The plans - dubbed the Geneva Urban Renewal Project - cover a broader scheme to create a new community base at the site, seeing the 2,055 acres of disused land covering a 1.5 mile stretch of Utah Lake's east shore, transformed into a mixed-use development of commercial, industrial and residential property.

Construction on the project, approved in January 2011 by the Vineyard Redevelopment Agency, will begin this summer at 800 North and Geneva Road, with Vineyard planning director, Nathan Crane concluding: "We're excited about the potential. It would provide office jobs and some manufacturing."

So far, the site's infrastructure has been laid with plans for an intermodal hub of freight and commuter rail lines connecting Utah to Salt Lake, and Davis and Weber counties still to be put in place.














John West, chief executive officer of Cottonwood Partners, a real estate developer working on the project, said: "I anticipate a high level of interest from successful high-tech companies who are in a growth phase given the proximity to nearby universities, I-15 and the FrontRunner service."

Mr Park said there has already been an significant amount of interest in the project from companies looking to take up residence there, noting that office space had already been sold and allocated at the site.

Photo courtesy of GenevaUtah