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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 18th May 2011

Google ask Ingenhoven Architects to design their new Green & Sustainable offices

“Sustainability is a key area of consideration at both the design and construction stages of any construction project.” BREEAM

searchofficecspace-google-logo1New Google HQ

Top architecture company, Ingenhoven have been asked by Google to design and create the most green and sustainable building possible, to house a surge of new google recruits (Noogles) in Mountain View, Palo Alto, California.

This will be the first time in the company’s history to ask an architect to design and build their new HQ. The new offices will be located adjacent to the Googleplex and will house 2500 to 3000 engineers, scientists and top management, taking up approximately 60, 000 m2 of space.

Google’s employees have grown by a 3rd since 2009 with a current workforce of approximately 28, 000 employees worldwide. In January 2011, the company announced that it wanted to expand further and employ even more people than the £6, 131 nooglers that joined in 2007. The new Google HQ will be Ingenhoven Architects first American project.

searchofficespace-luxemburg-150x150Ingenhoven Architects

Ingenhoven Architects are one of the worlds leading architectural practices that specialize in the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. They are based in Germany, but have designed properties for Europe, Asia and Australia. One of Ingenhoven’s current projects is the 1 Bligh office building in Sydney, which, once complete, will become the first high-rise tower in Australia to receive the highest 6 Star certificate of the Australian GreenStar environmental rating system.

The photo above shows a Luxembourg office building designed by Ingenhoven and completed in 2008. The property went on to win the Emilio Ambasz Prize for Green architecture.

searchofficespace-renewable-energy1-150x124Renewable Energy

Regenerative energies such as geothermal energy are key to Ingenhovens creations. Geothermal energy is essentially energy that is generated and stored naturally in the Earth and can be extracted for heating and electricity. Approximately 90% of homes in Iceland are heated in this way.


At SOS> Search Office Space we want to encourage all business centre owners and companies to think about sustainability and wherever possible opt for buildings with a high BREEAM rating.