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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 10th March 2014

Grow your business: invest in a virtual office

Virtual offices have been around for 20 years but have become more favourable in recent years, as working away from the conventional office structure has become more widely accepted. People have the option to work from home, club houses or hot desk in a shared office space.

It makes perfect sense; it’s practical, more comfortable, it saves money and it means that the working day doesn’t have to fit around 9-5 anymore because – with the availability and nature of technology and social media – the working restrictions are gone.

Having a virtual office is a must for companies who hope to expand and need to impress clients and possible investors, in order to grow. Having an address in a central location is a fraction of the price but offers company credibility, administrative support for phone calls and a postal address to keep all of your business correspondence together, with the added bonus of a prestigious postcode.

We don’t all have enough money for a centrally located office, so by offering the alternative of virtual office space, people can be practical in their business spending, without losing the integrity of the company.

Whether a start-up business or successfully launched, taking a virtual office can have a range of benefits. It can offer you meeting rooms or hot desking options when you need them and even shared office space as your business grows. And for those intending to widen your market, it can help you have more global presence, without having to fly your staff out there!

If you haven’t already considered this option, it’s well worth seeing if a virtual office space fits into your business plan. It takes away all of the stress of fronting your business and leaves you free to carry on helping your company bloom.

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