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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 01st March 2011

How Green is your Office?

Placing ‘sustainability’ at the forefront of your business values and adopting more environmentally friendly strategies and practices could help increase productivity and raise profits for your business.

With increasing pressure from governments, society and environmental activist groups, going ‘Green’ is a smart choice. And it shows customers, employees and the world that your business is an environmental leader.

The website, 'A Greener Office' said, "More emissions are generated in the workplace than in the home, with businesses producing 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions, compared with 27% for households".

The Sunday Times Best Green Companies Awards

For the last 3 years, the Sunday Times has been running an annual, 'Best Green Companies Award' ceremony. It is an ongoing project designed to encourage, acknowledge and publicise businesses and other organisations striving to improve sustainability.

The deadline for submissions is approaching (18.03.11) and anyone can nominate an organisation from the cleaner to the CEO.

What could the Green list do for your business?

The Sunday Times said, "Imagine the benefits a listing could bring you. It would generate credit among the general public for your success and tell all your business partners, suppliers and customers that you are helping to tackle one the of the biggest problems facing all industrialised nations".

If you participate, your company will receive a free four page report from Bureau Veritas, outlining the key environmental areas of your business and how it could improve.

Previous Winners

UKOS Office Supplies were the No. 1 Green business in 2010. The company invented the 'Box4Life'- an eco friendly reusable container that folds flat.

One customer said, "We have found the Box4Life to be a fantastic solution that has made a huge impact on the reduction of our packaging waste. It offers a clean, convenient method of delivery and I have nothing but praise for this innovative idea".

UKOS recycle all of their own paper and plastic waste as well as some from their customers and the company will only work with suppliers that share their commitment to corporate social responsibility. They also provide their employees with Green stationery and office supplies and everyone working there receives free 'Environmental Training'.

As a result, "UKOS employees say they do everything they can to make their home as energy efficient as possible (94%), recycle whatever they can (99%) and prefer brands that are trying to do something about the environment (96%). They are also prepared to pay more for food and drink which has been locally or ethically sourced (89%, another top score)" Sunday Times Best Green Companies.

Go Green Now

• Could your electricity come from renewable power sources such as solar and wind?

• Does your business have sufficient recycling bins and a waste management policy?

• Are electrical appliances switched off properly when not in use?

• Is your building sufficiently insulated and free of leaks and holes?

• If you have a company canteen, where does the food come from?

• Do you use environmentally friendly suppliers when buying business resources?