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Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 27th September 2017

How to celebrate Fair Trade Month in your office

October is a month full of 'months'. There's Stoptober for quitting smoking, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, LGBT History Month, and dozens more, including Fair Trade Month.

FTM seeks to raise awareness of the importance of fair trade, and promote the use of ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable products in place of those that exploit communities communities and harm the environment.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is when buyers in developed countries pay producers in developing countries a fair price for their commodity. The concept is based on a 'partnership' in which the rights of the workers and farmers are just as important as commercial gains on the other side. Fair pay, safe working conditions and child welfare are among the main principles of fair trade.

How can offices engage?

Fair trade products are more accessible than ever, so there's really no excuse not to opt for ethical.

Stock your kitchen with FT products

Why not swap your usual office tea and coffee for the ft alternative? Just look for the certification label. Do bear in mind though that not everything ft will be labelled, especially if you're buying from a small independent business. Instead, check the company's website for details. FYI, the Co-Op is arguably the UK's most ethical supermarket, and it was the first to launch a FT certified own-brand product.

fair trade

Research from Brand View reveals the fairest supermarkets when it comes to bananas!

fair trade

Spread the word on social media

Share your FT goals and stories across your business' social media channels. Post a quick pic of your FT brew on Instagram and repost thought pieces on LinkedIn, like this one from the Fairtrade Foundation on exploitation in the gold mining industry. You could even have a go at writing your own article on why you've chosen to become more ethically conscious and the steps you've taken to do so. Remember to use the #fairtrade hashtag!

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Raise money with a fair trade bake sale

Love it or loathe it, autumn wouldn't be complete without The Great British Bake Off . Offices across the country use it as a time to host their own culinary competitions. Why not add a twist to the theme and organise an office bake off that uses only ethically sourced ingredients? Even better, host a bake sale that raises money for a fair trade charity like the Fairtrade Foundation or Traidcraft. Great for social media, not so great for the old waistline, but never mind!

Gift your clients fairly

Thank your colleagues and clients with FT gifts in October. has some great gift guides that provide inspiration for friends and family as well as business contacts.

How is your office celebrating Fair Trade Month? Share you stories with us on Twitter by tagging @SOSofficesearch in your posts.