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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 09th January 2015

Improving and Moving: Change Your Office Space for the Better


Moving offices can be a time-consuming, costly and intimidating prospect for many different types of businesses, but it doesn't have to be.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can improve your office space during your circumstances:


It's not the way it used to be

It's not a hassle anymore, you may be envisioning a lengthy search, discussions with estate agents and dealing with landlords and long tenancies. There are now flexible solutions available that allow you to have the best premises at the best price. Whether upsizing or downsizing, a serviced office can provide you with some much, needed breathing room and less worry long term.


Searching is easier

The search for serviced offices and other flexible solutions can be done for you, to your specification and free of charge. Brokers and office search companies like Search Office Space can provide impartial advice from a view of the entire spectrum of the office market. The best part is, it doesn't add to your costs or consume anymore of your time than it needs to. Brokers work on existing relationships to find the best deals and services for you. Simple!


Unclutter your services

Most services, including high-speed broadband, water and electricity are included in the rent price. Many centres have on-site meeting rooms and conferencing facilities and for the more adventurous there are Coworking spaces available that have in-house bars and kitchens. Most business centres have staffed receptions, security solutions and vibrant business communities. With everything in one place, with one payment per month, you can concentrate on the moving in and keeping your business running smoothly.


Update your equipment

It could be that the idea of revamping your company’s equipment is out of the question or a long way from the agenda for financial reasons. But an office move can allow you to consolidate your equipment and work out what really needs upgrading and what really needs to go. Investing in new equipment can be extremely worthwhile in the long run and with the savings made on a serviced solution you may find you have more to spare than you originally budgeted for!


Hot desks, Coworking and mobile working

Sometimes it's worth changing things up drastically, as the sharing economy becomes more popular and the technology allowing for mobile working advances, more and more businesses are opting for pay as you go services and coworking options. This may be for you, it may not. But an atmosphere of collaboration between businesses can often be beneficial and it may allow you to save money while introducing a productive new environment for your employees. Who knows?