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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 16th April 2012

Increased activity noted by commercial property firms

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Recent research reveals that March 2012 has been the busiest month in over two years for the commercial property development market. Figures show that work in the public sector has expanded since February 2010 , while developers in the private sector have also recorded their first growth in nine months.

Savills’ Head of Building Consultancy, Michael Pillow, says, “encouragingly, this recovery appears to be broad-based and not just London-focused.”

A rise in activity has been noted by a net balance of 18.6% of developers outside of and in the .

Roughly a quarter of all commercial developers have seen a rise since March in comparison to 12% who are of the opinion that work is in a decline.

The fastest growing sectors have proved to be industrial properties and refurbishment jobs, according to the research, which have demonstrated a net 17.2 and 13.6% growth.

However, 7% of public sector office space companies have noted a decline in activity throughout March.

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