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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd May 2011

Introducing the iPalm- an imaginary remote on the palm of your hand

search-office-space-hand-300x225Imagine if you could use your hand as a mobile phone or remote control by simply scrolling your finger across your palm or tapping certain fingers to access your favourite apps. This is exactly what Patrick Baudisch and Christian Holz of Potsdam University, Germany are developing.

The technology is called the iPalm and for it to work effectively, users must already know where their mobile phone buttons are positioned, so they can press different parts of their palm correspondingly. A signal is then sent to a computer which processes the information and sends a command back to the physical mobile phone.

iPhone users were asked to test out the technology, to see how well they knew their phones and favourite apps. 68% of the volunteers could locate most of their home screen apps in their hand.

Professor Dr Baudisch sommented in New Scientist, "We envision that users will initially use imaginary phones as a shortcut to operate the physical phones in their pockets. As users get more experienced, it might even become possible to leave the device at home and spend the day ‘all-imaginary'."

Nick Bryan-Kinns, Queen Mary University of London commented in New Scientist, "For quite simple interactions this is probably going to work well. But for more complicated functions it's difficult to know how you'd do it without using audio feedback from the device, telling you which function you've activated."

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