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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 23rd July 2014

Is your business centre just an office?

How does your business centre support your business?

In any industry, it's often the small touches that give a product an edge. In the serviced office industry this edge is often found first in facilities and second in comforts. Free donuts at the end of the week for example, or showing great sporting events when they grace us with their presence. It’s these creature comforts that can tip the tide between choices, after the benefits of location and price have been weighed up. But what else can be offered past the provision of space?

Some business centres are beginning to explore what they can offer tenants beyond just a space to set up office. Often, centres that provide serviced office space also provide facilities for training and conference purposes. Business centres catering for small businesses have been using these facilities to provide courses and training, aimed at bettering the chances of a small business start-up becoming a long term money maker. The advantages are numerous, especially considering the importance of expertise and where better to gather expertise than in the very place you ply your trade?

The benefits aren’t limited to the course you pay for either, a workshop in your office centre can lead to networking opportunities that don’t arise in a regular business centre setup. Life is easier with your peers and knowledge can be exchanged in such a productive environment. Just because you and the folks in the office next door are attending a finance and book keeping course doesn’t mean you can’t share your extensive social media expertise with them, in exchange for knowledge on web development. Even just attending a mixer with other businesses sharing a space can lead to fresh opportunities, so why not see what your business centre has to provide in terms of interaction?

While some larger providers often stick to a more traditional model of serviced offices, the idea of providing in house opportunities and training is catching on amongst smaller providers. The tenants are also appreciating the help, but for some reason larger providers seem reluctant to catch on. This may be due to an absence in demand amongst larger tenants (larger companies tend to employ more specialist staff). Or this could be because larger serviced office providers are more visible and have less need to maintain current tenancies as they can always attract new business.

A great example is Wenta who provide a number of workshops for small business in their centres, to gather experience and network with other businesses in the centre. They have also launched a service named ‘My Incubator’; a support network for new business and entrepreneurs looking for advice on reaching those early milestones. Other business centres providing similar support and opportunities include ‘The Centre for Business’ based in South Wales and ‘Future Business Centre’ in Cambridge both specifically tailored to start ups and entrepreneurs alike.

So how would you feel about on-site training and networking facilities? In an age where the start-up business is actively encouraged it seems logical to choose a working environment that nurtures everything at once.

Perhaps Search Office Space can link you up to a Business Centre that can not only provide you with office space, but facilities to advance your business also. Get in touch today or to see space with Wenta in their Watford origin, click here.