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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 03rd February 2012

Is Your Office Space Bad For Your Health?

Your office space is place of empowerment, success and, lets face it, sometimes stress! But did you know that your workstation is also a hub for hidden health and skin problems?

Don’t panic just yet, as is on hand to explain what these health risks are and how you can avoid them.

Healthy Office Space

1. Computer Screen

Many office workers find themselves looking downward at their computer monitors, which can increase the strain on your neck and spine. The computer’s display may also be too bright, causing you to squint and strain your eyes. To avoid these risks, try out new levels on your computer’s display settings and make sure you are sitting up-right in your chair- your computer screen should match your eye level. It may also be a good idea to take an eye test, as many workers who use computers everyday require reading glasses – these days, there are some stylish frames out there which will make an impact on your office wardrobe.

2. Phone

Along with your blackberry which is permanently attached to your ear, many employees are likely to have a phone on their workstation. Prolonged use of a telephone can put pressure on your face and ultimately lead to a drop in muscle tension. An easy way to avoid this is to use a firming moisturiser or lotion and massage this into your skin using circular movements.

3. Florescent Lighting

In most you are unlikely to come across florescent lighting – also known as strip lighting. However, if your office space is somewhat outdated, you may have to suffer through some painful and unflattering moments. This type of lighting can be harsh on your eyes, causing headaches and eye strain. Furthermore, the bright, artificial light causes dark shadows on your face, making lines and wrinkles more obvious – not what you want if you are trying to impress the photocopy boy! So, to avoid this, make sure you wear a foundation with a luminous finish, and have your powder and concealer next to your stapler.

4. Chair

Office chairs are one of the major causes of every woman’s nightmare – cellulite!

Sitting in a hunched position, or crossing your legs for long periods of time can not only lead to cramp and back pain, but that nasty dimpled skin too! The best way to avoid both these risks is to take short but frequent breaks away from your desk and even try swapping your chair for an exercise ball! Although you may get some funny looks from your colleagues…

5. Keyboard

Constant typing can lead to pain in your arms, wrists and fingers – ultimately leading to arthritis. To reduce the risk of this, make sure you stretch your arms and wrists every hour and give your fingers a rest. While doing this, you can paint your nails with a non-chip varnish which will also ensure your fingers and hands are looking their best!

6. Air Conditioning

Its a constant battle in offices: Air Con off or on? But this every-changing temperature can cause havoc with your skin. In general, air conditioning dries your skin out, so make sure you have a daily moisturiser at hand. Altering temperatures can also cause cold and flu symptoms, so have some Vitamin C tablets in your drawer.

7. Water

Search Office Space’s top tip is to keep a bottle of water at your desk – not just a cup from the water cooler, as there is always the risk of spilling it all over your computer, causing it to crash and quite simply ruin your day! Drinking plenty of water helps keep you body and skin hydrated, which will also give you the brain power you need for a successful days work!

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