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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 24th December 2009

Is Your Office Space Productive Enough?

How productive is your office space? Does it make it easy for you to get on with the work you have to hand? Or do you constantly feel as if you are fighting against it to achieve what you want to achieve?

There is no doubt that an efficient office space is essential for every business. You could be a freelancer, an IT consultant or perform any number of other jobs. If you work in an office you will need to be happy with the space you have available.

One very important aspect of this concerns utilities and essential services all businesses need. For example a lot of business can be done online and via e-mail nowadays. If this applies to your business, do you have all the services you need and can you rely on them? If you can’t it might be time to upgrade.

Another key point to consider is finding a proper office if you are currently working from home. While working out of your home has its advantages, it can also be difficult to keep your home life and working life completely divided off from each other.

In this case finding local office space you can rent could be an ideal solution. There will be fewer distractions, you will have a distinct working place and a distinct home life, and you can also claim for the space when it comes to jotting down all your business expenses.

The first step to making sure your working space is productive for you is to consider the type of work you do. What tasks do you perform regularly? Do you keep on running into the same problem over and over again? Look around the office you have now. What would you change about it if you had the opportunity to do just that?

You might decide that outsourcing certain tasks would make your day easier to manage. Instead of answering the phone and performing all the administrative tasks yourself, you might want to allocate these to someone else instead.

Of course this costs money and you may not have the budget to employ someone full time to take on those types of tasks. So what can you do?

One efficient way of getting the productive office you want is to rent the right kind of office space. For example serviced offices in London will provide all of these services as and when you need them. It all depends on what you need.

The secret to finding the most productive space for you is to make sure you have somewhere that is the right size and has all the equipment and utilities you need. As your business grows, be sure to re-evaluate your needs from time to time as well. You may find they change, and that will mean making changes to your work space in order to make it work for you.