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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 25th April 2014

Jonathan Weinbrenn to speak at The FMP

Next week, Jonathan Weinbrenn, the SOS Head of Global Corporate Services, will be speaking at The Facilities Management and Property Event (The FMP).

Speaking about ‘achieving agility and cost control in corporate real estate’ Jonathan will address companies such as EE, AON, Sky, BlackRock, Apple and Zurich.

Jonathan told us, “Because of changes and developments in technology, people aren’t restricted to an office or a particular location anymore. Now, we can work anywhere, so we need to look at more important factors, such as increasing productivity and reducing commute times and our carbon footprint.

“Use of ‘3rd place’ environments, such as work hub areas in motorway services stations, airports, retail outlets and train stations, which companies are now rolling out, are becoming a more convenient and popular option. I will be talking about this evolving sector and how we can employ strategies which reduce fixed estate costs.”

Offering networking opportunities, B2B meetings, leadership talks and a Gala Dinner, to finish things off, the FMP event is a great opportunity to learn about areas such as sustainability, facilities management and workplace management.

Before you attend the event, the FMP website allows you to put together your personal agenda, so you don’t miss anything that’s relevant.

The event will run from the 29th – 30th April at Selsdon Park Hotel in Croydon. Find out more by visiting their website here.