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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd July 2012

July, Week 3 - Lee Zweig for XMA

Lee Zweig is the operative behind this deal of the week for finalizing arrangements with XMA – a major supplier of bespoke IT solutions to the public and private sectors.

XMA wanted to re-establish themselves in fully serviced offices in London. As an IT company, a high level of IT services was essential. Fortunately Lee Zweig from Search Office Space was able to find the perfect solution.

“Originally XMA were looking for a place with a capacity for five work stations in the City, with later room to expand to 24.” explains Lee. “Fortunately we were able to locate this capacity at a business centre in Gracechurch Street. This business centre is on the junction of 23/07/2012 Gracechurch Street and Fenchurch Street in close proximity to Lloyd's of London, the royal Exchange and the Bank of England – all big City names so it was a good address for XMA.”

In terms of facilities this business centre includes a quality fit-out and open plan studio layout. Importantly for XMA it also has an advanced IT infrastructure. All the offices come fully equipped with air conditioning, raised floors, suspended ceilings, 24 hour access and lots of natural light.