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Dominic Hamlin
Dominic Hamlin
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 02nd August 2016

Justin Urquhart Stewart takes the hot seat to discuss post-Brexit effects

Sitting down to discuss the aftermath of Brexit, Justin Urquhart Stewart, Head of Corporate Development and Co-Founder of Seven Investment Management, gives his thoughts on how businesses should react.


Justin Urquhart Stewart_Brexitv1


Topics discussed in the 8 minute video include:

  • Will the Article 50 notice be served?
  • The market’s reactions in the aftermath of Brexit
  • Opportunities post-Brexit for flexible office space providers
  • Will the EU survive without Britain?
  • Trump vs Hilary and the American economy

The latest instalment from Richard Gill's video series whereby he interviews major players in the UK flexible workspace industry.