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Ben Parkinson
Ben Parkinson
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 14th January 2013

Keep warm in the office: 5 Top Tips

As winter finally reveals itself for the harsh, white, inconvenience that it is, Search Office Space is on-hand to provide you with five top tips to keep you smugly snug on this snowy afternoon.

  1. Dry clothes – However you get to work, there’ll come a point when you’re faced with a translucent sea of slush to wade through in order to fight your way back to your beloved desk. But, this isn’t time for Captain Oates-style stoicism. Keep an extra jumper up at the office, next to a radiator if possible, while a fresh pair of shoes and socks is a must! And layer up; it doesn’t matter whether you prefer coarse bearskin or silky stockings, as long it’s not on view then why suffer!
  2. Heaters – It might seem the most logical option, but with businesses on the lookout for utility savings wherever they can, it might be worth guaranteeing that you have access for when you need it most. Find a radiator and stash all your sodden stuff on it, or hide a mini-heater under your desk; just do whatever you can to make sure there’s some kind of extra heat source to take over when that fleshy thing tapping away at a keyboard refuses to regulate itself.
  3. Hot drinks – They’re not just good for a bit of a catch up whilst the kettle is boiling; a hot drink – be it tea, coffee, hot chocolate or the more exotic mug-o’-soup – will warm you in those places a heater just can’t. A caffeine hit will take you one psychological step further away from that toasty bed and a sugar-chaser gives your body fuel for fighting off those winter blues. However, stay away from the Irish coffees as the heat will make the liquor slip down mighty easy…
  4. Gadgets – Over 50% of your body heat is lost through your ego. So, why not cast off those fat-suit layers and let technology do the hard work for you. Ear-muff integrated headphones, touchscreen gloves, battery heated shoes, USB hand warmers, space heaters and soup makers are just a few of the gizmos on offer to help you take on Jack Frost from every angle. And, if all else fails, there’ll be some lonely onesies in the January sales!
  5. Stay inside – Don’t get tempted out of the office by the mesmeric charm of a swirling snow storm. It is, after all, just a few degrees from soggy socks and a soggier mood. Anyway, everybody’s had that one snowball fight when you’ve got caught up in the moment and ended up giving the wrong person an ice-ball to the temple. At work, that could be your CEO; and that would be snow laughing matter!