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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 04th March 2008

Life in London

London is certainly one of the most famous cities in the world. Many things can be connected with the name London such as; Big Ben, Trafalgar Square the River Thames and the West End to name but a few.

London is a cosmopolitan city; it consists of so many different communities where different nationalities and cultures live side by side. You will find many multicultural communities living in London where in certain areas you will meet a whole lot of multiculturalism all living in one area. With so many people living here there is a great percent of foreigners and you can say that when you venture to the London centre (Piccadilly Circus) you will stand more chance of hearing any kind of language but English.

Traveling across London can at times be difficult, particularly by car - the average traffic speed in the West End is just 8 miles per hour! The large tube system makes travel through London rapid though at certain times of day it can be overcrowded. There is a downside to London - it can sometimes seem noisy or overcrowded but despite these things you WILL have a great time staying in London.

Without doubt one of the principal reasons for coming to London is to take advantage of the excellent shopping facilities for which this great city is famed for. Many will come to London to buy antiques, of which an enormous array is available at any given time. Department Stores in London carry the same degree of temptation as any others in the world, but London's are just that bit better, headed by the internationally known Harrods with its glittering array of quality and diversity. Harrods is the stuff of legends and what you buy there will be of the best of its kind. More retail outlets can be found in Oxford Circus.

For those who currently reside in London will agree with me that there is nothing better than the London life. There are many things to do in and around London. Take a stroll though Hyde Park or Green Park, visit the famous and historical statues at Trafalgar Square or St Paul’s cathedral, or just simply wine and dine with your friends and family in the West End where you will find the many array of the finest bars and cuisine that London has to offer.

Considering the beauty, fame and the size of London it is no wonder that so many people choose to stay, work and live here.