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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 07th July 2011

London’s new sculpture park next to the Gherkin






As part of the City of London Festival, a new sculpture park is being created close by to the Gherkin building.

There are currently 3 sculptures already in place, including Sky Mirror, by renowned artist Anish Kapoor, who is currently in the process of creating Britain’s tallest sculpture.

Sky Mirror consists of a polished, concaved dish which is located in front of the Aviva building, next to the famous Cheesegrater property. The mirror makes use of the sun to create a bright red spot on the front of the Willis building, supposedly recalling the Archimedes torching of the Roman Fleet.

Close by to St Helen’s is Austrian artist Franz West’s, Garden Pouf sculpture; a blue twisted nail, which perhaps resembles the Pinnacle Building. Also in St Helen’s is Julian Opie’s, Three Men Walking and Leeds based artist, Kenneth Armitage’s, Screen with Folded Arms sculpture.