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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 24th September 2007

Looking for Serviced Office Space in Soho?

Soho is well-known for being one of the most expensive places in London for renting or buying properties. However, businesses have the opportunity to find serviced offices at an affordable price as well as flexible leasing terms.

This pleasant and entertaining area of London gets its name from the Duke of Monmouth using “Soho” as a rallying call for his men at the Battle of Sedgemoor. Many believe, Soho is actually a shortening of South Holborn. Soho used to be a grazing farmland back in the 16th century taken by Henry VIII.

Today Soho is a multicultural area in Central London. Soho is the area that mixes rich and poor, as well as business during the day and clubbing at night.

Well known roads around Soho:

  • Oxford street
  • Regent Street
  • Shaftesbury Avenue
  • Charing Cross Road

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Why serviced offices in Soho?

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