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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 04th September 2018

Meet Bob Toor, King of Key Accounts (and the dancefloor)

Bob Toor knows the flexible workspace industry inside out - whenever any of us has a question about the industry, Bob is always our first port of call. He's been at Office Freedom for seven years and won the prestigious BCA Broker of the Year Awards in 2014.

Get an insight

Describe your role at Office Freedom

As senior key account director my role is to provide extensive information and market insight for my clients wishing to consider and relocate to their future accommodation requirements, this is achieved by understanding not only their business but their key specific business needs that are driving the search, whether budget, location, close proximity to suppliers or anything else.

bob toor

Looking for a workspace? Call Bob directly on 020 3872 7121

Which do you prefer: Mayfair or Shoreditch?

Always Mayfair as our offices are nearby, great choice of restaurants and bars and not many people walking around with shoreditch hipster beards or man buns, nothing wrong with a beard just can’t get mine to grow that way and a man bun...need I say anymore

When it comes to offices, would you rather have a roof terrace or breathtaking views out the window? has to be breathtaking views out the window!

Onsite gym or beer on tap?

Onsite gym, too old to booze and a gym gives you mental well being

Who’s funnier: Paul Conway or Lee Meranda?

Lee...have you ever met him or had more than a 2 min conversation with him, if not...try it and you will find out why.

Search Office Space or Office Freedom?

Office Freedom - I like the buzz of the word Freedom it makes me feel more liberated and carefree, don’t tell Richard that!

Who’s been your most memorable client?

I always say the last as that is always so fresh in your mind, I love Working with all different types of people for all over the world as ultimately we are creatures of necessity however what gives me a real buzz is tapping into my clients psyche and aligning their buying process with my search process, that’s satisfying when you can finally source the right office.