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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 19th September 2011

Monday declared the most miserable day of the week.


shutterstock_9024511_thumb Unsurprisingly, Monday has been voted the most miserable day of the week, according to research by Flomax Relief. Office workers in London spend, on average, 34 minutes of Monday morning having a good old moan – 12 minutes longer than any other day of the week.

So what do they moan about? Flomax polled 2,000 workers who and discovered that feeling tired and already missing the weekend are only just overtaken by a sense of impending dread for the long week ahead.

A spokesperson at Flomax stated, "While there appears to be a range of reasons that can affect our mood, especially on a Monday, it would seem that health-related problems are one of the biggest triggers."

Topics worth moaning about include general aches and pains, bad hair, and having a ‘fat day’. As a consequence, a third of the people who took part in the study declared that they hate Mondays more than any other day, while more than half confessed that they spend the day complaining.

Clearly Mondays are not popular. If office workers are going to spend such a large proportion of their day complaining about it, then perhaps Monday should just become the new Sunday.

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