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  • 23rd July 2012

Move to success: The Wiggins way - 23.07.2012

Tour de France champ Bradley WigginsAfter a relatively torrid time in what could have been a golden summer for British sport, the nation was heartened yesterday by the feat of endurance and tenacity accomplished by champion cyclist Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France. In honour of his spectacular transition from top dog on the track to relentless road leader, Search Office Space is here to investigate how a change of scenery has the potential to bring unfathomable success.

Wiggins started his career in the modest surroundings of Herne Hill Velodrome, orbiting ceaselessly around the concrete circle, whilst moving ever closer to glory. Since the Sydney Olympics in 2000 Wiggins has been a permanent fixture for Team GB, winning a host of medals across every event on the track. By 2007, Bradley was ready for a challenge of a different nature; endurance cycling in road competitions. With competitions lasting a number of weeks rather than a number of minutes, and a greatly increased reliance on an entire team of cyclists, this move could have broken the Olympian. Instead, yesterday was arguably his greatest success to date as he claimed the prize that professional cyclists value above all others for its relentless physical and strategic requirements.

The message behind his bravery to step in to the unknown draws a clear analogy between competitive sport and business, showing that you must always understand the potential for you and your business to change – and give yourself the best chance of exploiting that change for future success. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through serviced office space, as it allows you to grow your business at your own pace without long and expensive rent contracts or the unnecessary upheaval involved in moving the office infrastructure. Get off the track, on to the road, and win the prize.