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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 31st January 2012

MWB Business Exchange Re-Launch 2012!

MWB Business Exchange, one of the UK’s leading providers of solutions has announced their re-launch this week, with a new strategy which aims to help businesses gain a competitive edge.

The launch and re-brand of MWB Business Exchange comes hand in hand with a new slogan and proposition: “We’re Not No.1, You Are!” which is based around the excellent services, choice and flexibility offered by the office space providers. The proposition also includes:

  • A new company identity and website
  • New ‘Signature Offices’ whereby clients can design their own bespoke offices
  • Unbranded Business Centres to ensure companies can create their own identity
  • The highest staff to clients’ ratio of any UK serviced office provider

Bespoke Office Space

Signature Offices Serviced Office Space Design

This new package and proposition highlights the fact that MWB Business Exchange is dedicated to serving their clients at the highest possible level. The 2012 plan also provides greater flexibility to clients of all sectors and sizes, from innovative SMEs to technology start-ups.

This new approach was developed after MWB Business Exchange commissioned a survey of more than 500 small businesses and corporates which revealed the following statistics:

  • 72% want serviced offices which are flexible and can grow and adapt with the clients business.
  • The most important factors to consider when choosing a new office space are location (30%), price (25%) and service (14%).
  • 64% of business want to ‘WOW’ their clients with their office space.
  • 43% of business believe serviced offices are more about the suppliers brand, rather than the clients own company identity.

After taking these statistics into consideration, MWB Business Exchange opted to pioneer the unbranded business centre approach, by removing it’s own branding from its 60 centres across the UK, in the aim to support and nurture it’s clients identities.

The un-branding goes hand in hand with the 12 ‘Signature Office’ designs, which allow clients to mix and match bespoke fit-outs in order to suit their specific requirements and promote their personal brand identities. Furthermore, this bespoke office model is the first of its kind in the UK and is now available in all 60 MWB Business Exchange Centres.

Flexible Office Space Design

Office Space Fit-Out

MWB Bespoke Design

In terms of the staff to client ratio, companies can expect an average of seven staff members in each business centre. This will help boost customer service and help support the company with factors associated with the day to day running of the business.

Chief Executive of MWB Business Exchange, John Spencer, spoke highly of the new propositions, stating that, “This is a brand new beginning for MWB Business Exchange. From helping to grow companies like Facebook, and Google, we know businesses want to feel that are their space, not ours. That’s why un-branding our offices, making them more bespoke and offering more flexible terms will give companies the competitive edge they need to prosper in 2012. Combined with unrivalled service and great locations, we think we have an unbeatable proposition to tell businesses: We’re not number one, you are.”

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