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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 05th November 2008

New Virtual Office Partnership between Avanta and Da Vinci in the United States


Avanta, one of the UK leading serviced office provider, has announced a new partnership with the United States virtual office suites leading provider Da Vinci business centres. The alliance between the two is aimed to create a unique virtual office solution, available for the first time to UK businesses.



The virtual office model will deliver to businesses all the services available to serviced office space tenants, without actually renting the physical space. It actually will allow company such as start-ups, SMEs or a one man band to create a global business image using only a small budget.

Businesses will benefit from both parties expertise, enjoying not only a prestigious business address but also a full range of administrative support such as professional PA service supported by messaging services and global telephony, which are all usually available to businesses leasing in corporate buildings.

All the incoming calls will be answered in the client’s company name; diaries will be updated thanks to virtual PA software, also allowing diaries updates, process of orders and many more.

Avanta currently owns 13 business centres in the UK, in locations such as Mayfair, and extended this year by opening new centres in India in Mumbai and Delhi. The serviced office provider is planning on opening additional centres in Dubai and Bangalore in a near future.


Written by Emily Mouquot, Marketing Director.