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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 20th January 2015

New Year - New Office

If you have been thinking of moving your business premises to a new location, there is no better time to do it than in the New Year. A new office can herald the start of a new phase for your business, allowing you to move away from any of the mistakes and difficulties of the past, and begin setting in motion a new set of business practices in a location which better suits your needs. Here are five reasons that a new office could be a boost to your business.

1. Better transportation links

Choosing a location which has better transport links not only makes life easier for your employees (and better placed to attract new employees), but also makes your business more visible to potential customers. Better transport links mean more movement around your business, so that you should find it easier to attract and keep new clients, who will find it easier to reach you for meetings and visits. Being able to get to the office easily may also make it easier to attract new employees, who will avoid any business that they will find it difficult to get to.

2. More amenities

Having plenty of amenities close by means that employees aren’t stuck in the office all day, and at the mercy of whatever facilities are available within the building. A range of pleasant shops, bars and restaurants close by offer places to enjoy lunch breaks and downtime before and after work, meaning that employees feel happier in their environment.

3. Nicer location

Although the transport links and amenities of an area are important for allowing people to get to your business and to give employees an easier daily commute, a pleasant location will help to boost morale and create an enjoyable place to spend each day. Even if the office just has a nicer view, away from main roads and grey buildings, it will help working days to go much faster, and provide enjoyable places to enjoy breaks away from the office on sunny days.

4. A clean and tidy environment

A new office allows you to start again, getting rid of everything that you don’t need and streamlining your business and surroundings. When you move from one office to another you will be able to start again with new furniture and equipment, and remove anything that isn’t really necessary and clutters up the workspace. A clean workspace equals a clearer mind, so you should find that employee productivity takes a rise as well.

5. Better access to staff

This is an important aspect of your new location to think about. If an office is close to a popular college or university then there is a larger pool of fresh and enthusiastic talent to draw from whenever there is the need to bring on more staff. Busy cities and towns will also create more opportunities for employment, with more people close by that you can filter through to find the ideal candidate for any position.