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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 14th February 2012

Office romance…


office romanceLove is in the air today but you may be surprised to know that for some, romance can be found right under their noses. We carried out research which revealed that almost half of office workers have had a relationship with someone they’ve met at work, with 19% of office workers having met their long terms partners in the office!

But with a potential recession around the corner, 58% of women won’t give in to love for fear of jeopardising job security or possibility of promotion, although 49% of men seem happy to take the risk. Whilst flirting with the office hottie may seem less dicey, it seems like dating a boss is only considered a no-go area for one in ten office workers.

While sleeping with the boss is an over-used cliché, office relationships are almost inevitable given how the way we work has changed so much. We now spend a larger proportion of time with colleagues as we travel more, go to more events, work longer hours and often forget to switch off so it’s almost a wonder we don’t see more office relationships!

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