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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 24th April 2012

Olympic Disruption Provides More Flexible Working Opportunities in London

Workers across London have mixed emotions when it come to the Olympic Games. Whilst it’s a momentous occasion, there is also the worry of how the Olympics will affect commuters trying to get to their at peak, rush hour travel times.

One of the solutions that business managers are poised with is to offer their employees flexible working opportunities. Companies are being advised by the Mayor of London and the Government to allow their staff to work away from Central London offices during the Olympic Games. This is due to travel disruptions which are predicted to put a huge strain on tube and rail networks, with some of the most affected areas being , , , , and .

However, as a direct result of the Olympic transport disruption, the idea that businesses should take advantage of the improvements in IT and technology have been promoted, thus allowing staff to work away from the office.

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It is also hoped that this flexible working trend will continue long after the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games come to a close on August 12th 2012. Fiona Fletcher Smith, Director of Development and Environment at the Greater London Authority, told press that flexible working during the Olympic Games encourages ‘good practice’, as the vision of an ‘anywhere working city’ could become possible. The notion also envisages office workers ‘touching in and out of their office space with something equivalent to an Oyster card’.

Flexible working looks set to be the future trend in business environments as it can increase productivity and staff morale, as employees are able to juggle a better work-life balance. The continuing advances in technology also suggest the emergence of collaborative and flexible work hubs in satellite towns, allowing professionals to work closer to home and reduce the need for commuting - known by some as ‘dead time’. In turn, this can increase the available number of working hours in any given day and lead to the reduction of central London headquarters and reduced office space requirements, thus minimising property running costs, overheads and company’s carbon footprints.

If your company needs advice on flexible working solutions during the London 2012 Olympic Games, talk to today on 0800 524 4649.