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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 16th July 2012

Olympics causes office inquiry growth

Leading office consultancy Search Office Space has reported an increase in inquires for virtual offices over the past few weeks as small to medium enterprises prepare to cope with Olympic transport restrictions.

On Monday July 16, the first Olympic Games traffic lane opened in London.  Soon there will be roughly 4,000 BMWs and 1,500 coaches using the lanes to carry athletes, officials and journalists to the various venues.  Penalties for using the lanes will be severe - £130 for each transgression.

It is thought the new lanes will lead to severe congestion on London’s road network, which is already struggling to cope with current numbers.  Employers have been warned that staff may struggle to get to work and that offering the alternative of home working be might be the solution.

Congestion set to rise in London

Challenges like this bring the concept of the virtual office into its own.  Business can work remotely and only resort to a fully serviced office facility as required.  For the concept to work however the office consultancy must have a clear understanding of the needs of the business and a wide range of contacts who can supply sufficient space wen required.

This is one of the advantages that being in the industry for almost twenty years like Search Office Space, gives you.