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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 21st August 2012

Online decline for SMEs

A business survey from Australia - one of the few booming economies in the world, claims that there is a fall in online business activity for SMEs.

According to the figures 24 per cent of Australia’s SMEs used search engines to promote their business, a decline of 7% from March 2012. More strikingly, the usage of social media activity also declined to 15% from 18% along with networking on Linkedin (13% from 19%).

“The decline ….was completely unexpected,” claimed Tim Reed whose company MYOB conducted the research.

Just as surprising was the reason given for the decline. Apparently respondents declared that they “preferred to advertise and market our business using other methods.” No less startling was the fact that 60% said “we don’t see any value in having a business website.”

Given the relative strength of the Australian on-line e-commerce sector these figures are sure to come as a surprise. It will also reinforce the strength of the serviced office sector since the appeal of a physical as opposed to simply a digital presence seems to be growing.