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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 27th February 2015

Our Coolest London Offices

We all know the beauty of well-lit and well-ventilated offices. But what about the décor? A creative atmosphere can also do wonders when it comes to triggering inspiration. Below are a few offices we would all like a piece of.

Alice in Wonderland at Waterloo

Alice in Wonderland at Boundary Row officeAlice in Wonderland White Corridor -  Boundary Row office

This office space brings “Alice in Wonderland” to life through vibrant colours and funky furniture. One of the most stunning aspects is its luminous all-white corridor, as it cleverly creates the effect of a maze.

Alice in Wonderland Relax Area -  Boundary Row office

The business lounge also plays nicely into the theme of wonderland, as it comes with tall floral arches and huge tea cups for coffee-tables. Even if you aren’t Alice’s biggest fan, you’re bound to admire all the work and creativity put into these offices.

Movies in Kensington

Cinema in Kensington's Office Space

The atmosphere of this office space can be described as both modern and luxurious. There’s a cinema where employees can refresh their minds, and even a Maserati chauffeur service to be enjoyed. Neither sound bad, at all.

Office Space in Kensington

The building’s contemporary architecture is also great eye candy, having a stylish, movie-like staircase that helps adorn the space.

Mini-golf in Camden Town

Vibrant Office Space in Camden Town

This business lounge effortlessly captures the youth of Camden through colourful lights and illustrations on the walls and ceiling. Its purpose is clearly to make employees relax, especially by throwing mini-golf into the mix.

All the space and light furniture are also important features, as they make the environment really flexible, adding the cherry on top.

Artsy Shoreditch

Artistic Office Space in ShoreditchArtistic Office Space in Shoreditch

This office is a small token of Shoreditch, as there’s an artistic quality to it:

The different types of light, the art-work and colours make for a visually stimulating working environment.

The 1930’s Art Deco inspired style is another of its selling points. Though subtle, it still creates a retro ambience which is warm and inviting, especially to admirers of the jazz age.

Roof terrace in Moorgate

Roof Terrace in Moorgate

This workspace boasts a roof terrace overlooking London’s skyline, which also makes a great get-away space for employees to enjoy team-building activities, barbecues, drinks, etc.

The modernity of this business centre is another element that stands out: featuring contemporary architecture, and even some quirky technology in the kitchen, for optimal beverage-making.

Office Space in Moorgate

…And last but not least: Creative co-working spaces are all the rage.

Creative Co-working Space in Highbury & IslingtonCo-working Space in Highbury & Islington

Many co-working spaces choose to illustrate their ingenious nature through creative décor, and this Islington space is no exception: the semi-exposed brickwork, garage-like doors, and graffiti art do a good job in building a non-traditional setting.

The variety of artworks and books also emphasise this theme of creativity. Not to mention the flexible layout which encourages both individual work and networking, helping employees get their creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for quality office space like the above, Search Office Space can gladly help you.