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Office Freedom
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  • 15th December 2016

Paint Your Office Green in 2017!

Investing in a few fauna can boost everyone’s productivity, morale and wellbeing.

It’s a scientifically proven truth: plants encourage productivity. Yes, they are aesthetically pleasing and a cost-effective way of bringing a space to life, but their psychological impact is just as significant.

Research from the University Of Exeter shows that employees are 15% more productive when they work in a green office. Paint yours green this year with these hardy classics:

1.The Spider Plant: for the lazy office gardener

This low maintenance plant needs little attention and thrives in low-lit environments.

2. The Bromeliad: for the ostentatious entrepreneur

A traditionally tropical plant, the Bromeliad’s vibrant floral spikes can grow up to two feet tall.

3. The Succulent: for the desk decorator

An office classic, succulents are easy to maintain and make the perfect desk accessory.

4. The Air Plant: for the ‘no mess’ negotiator

No soil needed: these self-sufficient mini ecosystems get their nutrients from specialised leaves.


As absences due to stress in the workplace are on the rise (they currently account for around 1/3 in the UK), good employers should do all they can to reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Investing in a few office plants can help to reduce feelings of anxiety- there’s something cathartic about caring for another living organism and watching it flourish. What’s more, they help to purify the air of stuffy offices by gobbling up co2 and toxins.

Studies show that adorning your office with plants can aid memory retention, focus, concentration and creativity. This is because nature is both calming and inspiring: it chills us out and gets us thinking at the same time.

Immersing yourself in the botanical world can also lower your levels of cortisol- the hormone produced by anxiety. Perhaps that’s why we gravitate to green spaces when we’re stressed, indecisive or desperately seeking that ‘lightbulb’ moment.



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