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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 25th May 2011

Public Sector workers seek jobs in the Private Sector

Recruitment consultants Hays published a report today which revealed that 45% of employees in the Public Services sector are facing either redundancy or looking for work in the private sector.

Due to government cuts to the public services sector some employers are struggling to find staff with the right skills, with 18% of employers saying that it is harder to attract skilled candidates.

Over 80% of employers state that uncertainty with job security is the no 1 factor stopping people looking for work in the public sector, with 51% claiming it was the change in benefits and 39%, the scrutiny over pay.

People now believe that pay, career development and job security are better in the private sector. When asked what needed to be improved in the public sector to attract more professional staff, both employees and employers reported, pay and career development as the 2 most important factors. Over 1 third of people surveyed stated that improvement in these areas is an ‘urgent priority’.

Andy Robling, Public Services Director of Hays, says, “With such a widespread exodus of staff, it is highly likely that frontline services will be affected. Employers have to make cuts and drive cost savings, but they are also faced with increased demand for many frontline services, such as healthcare and education. The combination of pay scrutiny, fears around job security and critical media headlines means a stigma has started to develop around public sector careers. Many public sector workers are feeling demotivated, devalued and stuck in less challenging careers. The public sector needs to act now to address this before it is too late.”