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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 07th July 2011

Punch Tab- the new free loyalty platform

I recently discovered Punch Tab; a loyalty platform where users can win points for visiting websites, making comments or clicking Like or +1.

At SOS> Search Office Space, we were looking for something which would create ongoing optimization for our blog, engage readers and reward them at the same time. The solution was PunchTab.

Those signed up can redeem their points for whatever items the publisher chooses, and websites hosting the PunchTab get to increase their traffic- all for free! At SOS, we reward everyone for visiting our blog and users get to choose their prizes which range from Groupon vouchers to money off books from Amazon.

It’s great news for businesses, blog writers and website owners who can instantly install the loyalty system in a matter of minutes and as a result gain more back links, readers and comments.

The 30-day leader board also shows users how they measure up to one another and allows publishers to see who their fans are. PunchTab can also help website users to effectively track shared links across different social networking sites.

To make use of the widget, you’ll need a Facebook or Google account, so you can start earning point points by clicking Like, Recommend or +1. Alternatively, simply viewing certain websites with the widget or adding comments will also gain you points.


Website owners hosting the widget can provide attractive giveaways by creating a social giveaway contest. To do this, simply sign up and paste your giveaway widget into your blog post or website page and watch the traffic roll in. At the end of the giveaway, a winner can be picked at random and contacted directly by you.

About PunchTab

Punch Bag was created in January 2011 by Ranjith Kumaran, the co-founder of and is the world’s first instant loyalty platform, reaching over 1.2 million consumers each month.