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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 19th May 2014

Q&A with Groot Handelsgebouw

Here at SOS, we chose Groot Handelsgebouw as our May Business Centre of the Month. The centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is one of The Office Operators’ (TOO) and we caught up with Bart Boersma, the Business Centre Manager, to find out more about it.

When was TOO, as a company, established and which was the first business centre?

TOO was established in 2010. Our first business centre was WTC Schiphol and, only four years later, we have built an extensive network of offices throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. With the opening of new business centers in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht in the near future we are still rapidly expanding our network.

The Groot Handelsgebouw centre opened in January 2014. In these few months we have already managed to get a lot of positive attention and, most important, happy tenants!

What perks does this business centre offer in terms of both location and facilities?

The centre is situated in the Rotterdam Central Business District, a dynamic business area in the centre of Rotterdam. With Central Station as the hub, it is a strategic location for entrepreneurs, with frequent services by train, bus, metro and tram, as well as RandstadRail (for connections to The Hague) and the high-speed train to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. The accessibility by car is also excellent.

Groot Handelsgebouw is like a city within itself too - the facilities are infinite. The building houses a barber, nursery, mini supermarket, physiotherapist, repro service, fitness centre, restaurant and so on. To top it all off, there is a roof terrace which is accessible to all tenants! Our business centre offers a great social space where you can meet, work and drink great coffee.

[caption id="attachment_17471" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Service-Team-580x386 The TOO team at the centre.[/caption]

What industries do the tenants you have work in, and how does this business centre work for their needs?

Our tenants work in diverse industries, from sustainable energy, website designing and international trade to one of the largest tyre makers in the world. Although they are in very different industries, there is a great chemistry between our tenants.

What have you launched this year in terms of new developments or extras for tenants?

Currently we are busy with the design of a TEDx room in our business centre. Imagine you have worked for a few hours and you want to relax and think of something else. You can go to the room, lay back and watch some inspirational speakers on the big screen.

One of the extras you offer is a WOW incentive, where members of your team can be rewarded with a prize for doing something extra for a client. Explain to us more about this.

Our Customer Service Representatives were and always will be trying to exceed client expectations. It was only fair to reward them for their services and effort. It’s nice to see the friendly competition between the CSR’s and the creative solutions they come up with.

What sets you apart from other business centres?

Our aim is not to be the biggest but to be the best. Everybody at TOO is extremely service orientated. In the last article we already mentioned the WOW program, but now we have also organised the ‘lost box’. If you forgot your telephone charger, an umbrella or birthday decoration for your colleague, we have it for you!


Furthermore, on every phone we have a button with a sticker saying ‘call too service’. Whether you need room service, to book a flight or to order flowers, our team can help immediately.

What changes and developments do you see for the centre in the future?

There are plans to expand our Groot Handelsgebouw business centre; we can quickly upscale to 3000 sqm! Furthermore, we are opening a large meeting centre in the same building with a capacity of 610 seats.

Thanks you Bart! And, lastly, for you, what do you like the most about your job?

Everyday I meet new and great people. From startup companies to multinationals, everybody has a story and needs a specific solution. Finding the best solution for the client is very satisfying.

Thanks to the TOO team for contributing to our blog! To see space in this building, click here and to find out more about applying for Business Centre of the Month Award, why not click here.