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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 09th May 2012

Rain has put a dampener on the success of the retail industry

Rainfall at Victoria Station, LondonSince the start of its double dip recession, the UK has seen a lack of business demand and a noticeable decline in property values, particularly in the market. Businesses have developed a fear of expansion and risk taking, which means that the country is struggling to boost the economy again.

Statistics show that the retail property within London’s has been seemingly by the recession, as shoppers continue to make purchases in the popular locations of and .

However, since the recent wet weather that the UK has experienced, the British Retail Consortium has noted a decrease of 3.3% in sales compared with last year’s figures as a direct result of the rain.

With little opportunity to don high heels or expensive boots in the pouring rain, footwear sales have been the worst affected, and have noted their most significant decline since the start of 2008.

Having received over 120.3mm of rainfall, temperatures throughout April have been the lowest recorded in 23 years, and Stephen Robertson, Director General of BRC, says, “The wettest April since records began has put a dampener on retailers' fortunes.”

While the general retail market has taken a hit, seem to be the only ones benefitting from the wet weather. Studies show that while people are unwilling to traipse around outside shops, they are quite eager to take refuge in a department store, where they can shop and still remain dry.

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