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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 15th November 2011

Regus Announce Increase in Co-Working Office Space Solutions

Last week, Regus announced that they had become the world’s largest Regus Business Centresprovider of co-working office space, almost doubling their number of locations across the US.

According to the press release, ‘Co-working Revolution’, Regus also claim to have pioneered the concept of , which has caused a stir among the serviced office industry.

Sceptics disagree with the bold statement, arguing that Regus do not offer such services, and therefore could not have invented the concept. However, the rapidly growing trend of co-working is certainly expanding throughout the world, and Regus’ history and scale suggests their statement to be believable, given the industry developments.

CEO of Regus Americas, Guillermo Rotman, told press that the existing 450 co-working environments has now expanded to 700 across the USA, with the growth being driven by ‘unprecedented demand from businesses of all sizes’.

Further to Mr Rotman’s statement, it is clear that the popularity of co-working spaces is attributed to the networking capabilities, flexible terms, and money saving possibilities along with the reduced risk associated with this type of serviced office rental. These features that were once only appealing to small business and start-up companies, are now attracting a variety of industry sectors and larger corporate companies.

Mr Rotman further stated, “the rise of the flexible worker is one of the megatrends of this decade – for tens of millions of people across the US, the traditional office is a thing of the past and co-working is the future”.

Regus also refer to their co-working spaces as ‘Campuses’, which are open-plan environments offering cost-effective packages ranging from two days a month, to unlimited use – ideal for employees who do not need a full time desk. 

Co-working looks to be the fastest growing office solution currently spreading across the globe. However, with many business centre providers jumping on the co-working bandwagon, tenants should ensure they view the office space environment before signing any contracts.

that can be built around your specific requirements.

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