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Ben Parkinson
Ben Parkinson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 30th November 2012

Search Office Space present at the EG Offices Summit

SOS came together with other key office sector companies for the 7th instalment of the celebrated EG Offices Summit, a prestigious annual conference held on November 15th in central London.

The event brought together senior industry experts and London’s real estate professionals for a day of networking, discussions and presentations on the current state of the market.

Guest speakers included the SOS head of global corporate services, Jonathan Weinbrenn, who gave his expert analysis and insight on the trends and reality of the office sector market.

Other keynote speakers included head of Zurich Real Estate, Roy Standish; Managing Director of Heron International, Peter Ferrari and BNP’s National Head of Agency, Dan Bayley.

Around 150 delegates attended the event held at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Interestingly, the location sits directly across the banks of the River Thames from the iconic MI5 headquarters, whose world renowned architect, Sir Terry Farrell, also attended.

The events sponsor’s, SOS and Zurich, both had stands in the events break-out area which saw SOS providing brochures, donuts and masseuses throughout the day.

Calum Clark, SOS corporate account manager who attended the conference said: “It was a great day for out likeminded business people to come together and share their knowledge of the market.

“There was a great atmosphere and it was fantastic to be able to talk to so many experts in their respective fields.

“It was great to watch Jonny [Weinbrenn] back up on the podium. It’s where he’s in his element and, personally, I thought he really livened things up.”