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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 13th February 2014

Searching for the perfect start up location?

Weighing up your options for your entrepreneurial location? We might have found you just the place… They might be better known for leading the way in education, but Oxbridge may also be the perfect place for your office base too.

And why not?

The two cities offer many of the same opportunities as London: good travel links, suitable employees, a hub of entertainment, history and reputable British locations. But they also offer the perk of an easy escape to the beautiful country towns on their outskirts, perfect for family living or to escape the urban hustle of 9 – 5 at the weekend.

With a huge base of talented graduates, bringing in a fresh perspective and, of course, a (now common) knowledge of subjects such as social media, who better to welcome into your business.

And that’s not mentioning the degree they’ve attained from a prestigious university. According to the Times Higher Education rankings of 2013, Cambridge and Oxford sat in the top 5 once again, showing their superiority not just in the UK, but against the world’s leading institutions – so why aren’t we making the most of these graduates?

As university towns, young entrepreneurial business start-ups are also a plenty in Oxford and Cambridge. The universities offer help and guidance with grants and roadshows to encourage such ventures with societies such as Cambridge University Entrepreneurs. Recently, The Guardian looked at some of the most recent start-ups in Cambridge and why they chose to locate there.

Paulo Ferreira de Castro, CTO at Knowledge Transmission, said in the article, “We are an educational technology company and have access to some of the greatest education resources in the world, both people and content, by being based in Cambridge.”




Why choose Cambridge

Cambridge is a compact but lovely city to explore on foot, bike or punt. There’s loads to see and always a relaxed atmosphere.

  • With 31 university colleges, some in magnificent grounds, why not take a tour around them.
  • Cambridge is renowned for punting on the river, you can even ‘overnight punt’ for a different perspective of the city.
  • Being just 20 minutes from Newmarket, why not get dressed up and head for the races.

Why choose Oxford

  • Oxford’s atmosphere is a little more bustle than Cambridge and the city offers plenty of galleries and museums to visit.
  • The cathedral, which is situated at the university’s Christ Church College, is worth a visit. It shouldn’t take too long to explore – it’s apparently the smallest cathedral in England.
  • Check out the locations around the city where many films have been shot, even bits from the Harry Potter films.
  • You can punt in Oxford too but if you want to take it easy, take a cruise down the river Isis instead.

These two cities offer a great base from which to start and grow the shoots of a successful business so why not think outside the box this year? For information on space we have in that area, click here.