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Dave Carter
Dave Carter
  • 4 Minute Read
  • 08th January 2018

Serviced Office Space: 15 Office Space Ideas That Will Bring Your Brand to Life

If you’re looking for a new office, then a flexible serviced office has a host of benefits that you will really love. Serviced offices are great value, they are fully furnished, ready to move into and are available on flexible terms. For those that have just moved into a serviced office, making your mark on the space might be high on your priority list, but you’ll have to think creatively to achieve this.

Whilst there may be some restrictions on the physical office layout, there are plenty of other ingenious office space ideas to bring your brand to life in a serviced office. In this article we list 15 easy office space ideas that are great at promoting your brand within a serviced office. If you’re unsure whether you are allowed to implement some of the ideas, always check with your office management team first.

Let’s dive into the list, starting with a few not so obvious office space ideas to bring your brand to life…

1. Turn Your Team into Brand Ambassadors

A brand isn’t just physical, it’s part of the people within a business - and, by transforming those people into loyal ambassadors, they can be the voice for your brand wherever they go. An effective training strategy and inclusive company culture can help foster brand ambassadors naturally over time.

2. Dress to Impress

Branding doesn’t have to start and stop with inanimate objects; after all, it’s your team that embody your brand values. Offering staff free branded merchandise such as polo shirts, caps, even umbrellas can be a fun way to promote your business when your team is on the move and foster that all important team spirit.

3. Make Your Company’s Mission Statement Visible

Think about creating an enlarged picture of your company’s mission statement and displaying it in a central location. Seeing your company’s mission on display every time you walk to the printer can be an effective way to showcase the values your business embodies, and a great reminder to carry them out.

4. Hang Some Wall Art

If you are looking for small office space ideas then hanging art can make your workspace look a lot more interesting, thoughtful and spacious. Adding canvas prints to your office’s walls can be a beautiful expression of art to represent the soul of your brand.

5. Add a Funky Accent Table

Adding a funky accent table at the right angle in the right room can make for a seriously cool centrepiece for your office. It’s a great conversation starter when greeting new clients and can reflect well on an up and coming contemporary brand.

6. Outline Different Spaces with Rugs

Office space ideas often neglect considering floor space. Properly laid rugs are a great way of outlining various spaces without creating physical barriers. If you have a larger space with multiple sections, separate those areas with rugs. Or, if your office is smaller, you can still add rugs. Put them underneath furniture to act as nice accents or add one directly outside of your office doors. Even one or two can really liven your space up.

7. Use Dividers to Break Up Spaces

Open office environments offer more than a modern workspace look. Breaking down walls increases communication and collaboration among team members, giving the entire workspace an overall harmonious feel. Using suitable dividers can give some demarcation and retain a welcoming, informal atmosphere.

8. Reflect Your Brand with Mirrors

The right mirror is a great office space idea that can change the whole look of your workspace. They make your office more refined and professional and can make any type of space look bigger, causing your workspace to feel more open and inviting.

9. Colour Code Your Office Supplies

Why not source your pens, pencils, notebooks and staplers in your brand colours? Matching your office supplies to your brand colours is a cheap and easy way to subtly promote your brand throughout the office.

10. Let Team Members Personalize Their Spaces

For members of your team, a desk represents more than just a physical place to work. With most of us spending near 40 hours a week there, desks can be crucial in creating a personal sense of belonging to your workspace - but they also offer an opportunity to add some subtle branding. Whether you create custom logo covers for staff laptops, choose coloured accessories that fit into your brand’s house style or opt for framed, free-standing, brand-related art and quotes, the desks in your serviced office space provide the perfect place to both convey your branding and create a sense of belonging amongst your team.

11. Promote Your Brand Digitally

Thinking beyond physical office space ideas, for businesses working in a serviced office, there’s a great opportunity to communicate your brand through digital media. Whether you’re communicating your brand to inbound callers with a customised audio message or investing in a new website and social media presence, your branding shouldn’t stay within the four walls of your serviced office.

12. Add Books That Tell Your Brand Story

Coffee table books, a bookcase or bookshelf can encourage people to browse and read about topics related to your brand and business. Whether the books are about professional development, business or general interest, having some interesting books around can add personality to your brand and stimulate engagement.

13. Go Green and Introduce Plants

People love plants. Plants look good, smell good and make you feel good. Having a selection of low maintenance plants around the office will transform your workspace office into a prettier, healthier and friendlier space. Great for your office, your staff and your brand.

14. Keep it Fruity!

Here’s one office space idea that’s sure to get the juices flowing. There’s something about a big bowl of fresh, colourful fruit that makes you feel invigorated just by looking at it. Place a fresh fruit basket in a prime position and it will not only brighten your office, it will also encourage healthy snacking.

15. Give Your Office a Fragrant Aroma

Does your office aroma reflect well on your brand, for example on a hot summer’s afternoon after Steve from IT has cooked his fish curry lunch? We thought not. Having nice smells in your office appeals to one of our primary senses and makes for a pleasant workday, reflecting positively on your brand experience. Introduce some sensible dining policies, invest in some air fresheners and make sure that the air circulation in your office is up to scratch.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration among these simple office space ideas to bring your brand to life and can see how you could make your new serviced office truly your own. If you are looking for some further inspiration to engage your team, take a look at our ideas for celebrating special days like Valentine’s Day and Easter in the office. The Office Freedom blog is a great place to look for all office related news, ideas and information.