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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 12th January 2011

Shoreditch – At the Forefront of Art & Innovation

Shoreditch has been one of Central London’s historical district since the early 1500s. It is the birthplace of many bands and artistic companies across the UK, such as the punk rock priors the 4-Skins, William Shakespeare who performed plays in the Judor Theatre in Shoreditch, Barbara Windsor and Charlie Chaplin who also both performed in the Theatre before becoming famous. The district is one of Central London’s most artistic and entertaining areas, filled with character, style and trend.

The area is also a popular place for web-based businesses to buy or rent office space in Shoreditch. The boom of web technology caused an explosion of serviced office space rentals through Central London and, in particular, Shoreditch, which has become home to many creative web-based businesses and entrepreneurs.

Curtain Road is Shoreditch’s most popular combination of style and business. It’s said to rival the West End with its entertainment industry, art galleries and bars, whilst still home to top Central London office rent and rent offices. There’s nothing better than clocking out of the office and making your way down Curtain Road for a quick drink or to see the latest show.

The forefront of Central London’s art scene has recently been redecorated, too. Former industrial buildings, around Curtain Road and Old Street in particular have been redesigned as office space and serviced offices. Old Street is a prime ‘Head Office’ location for media based businesses - such as Last.FM, SocialGo, Dopplr and 7Digital. Shoreditch office spaces are highly sought after and are a hot spot for creative and innovative businesses all around the UK.

Shoreditch was, in the past, more noted for a working class and poverty stricken area. But Shoreditch has now been blessed with a wealth of culture, knowledge, creative atmosphere and innovative businesses renting office space in Central London and excellence through style; the area has grown into a hub of central entertainment and business networking.