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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 16th March 2012

Skyscraper Plans Struggle Across the UK

The next generation of Skyscraper plans across the UK are struggling to get off the ground due to public opposition and lack on funding.

This comes as no surprise to Search Office Space who last year reported on the in preference to a new phase of regenerating old stock business centres. However, it seems that other areas of the UK are now following suit.

London's Skyscraper Plans

The Waters development – currently the UK’s largest planning application – has been opposed by local residents, along with similar high-rise plans in . Back in London, proposed skyscrapers in and have also been rejected.

In terms of industry, one of the major factors behind the opposition is that new skyscrapers, such as The Shard in and The ‘Cheesgrater’ at , only cater to businesses who can afford sky-high rental rates. With so many start-up companies breaking into the industry today, the demand for affordable office space is a much higher priority.

It is reported that some of the skyscraper plans are not for commercial office space, but for residential property, with the argument of ‘build up, not out’ as there is simply no space left in the capital. However, if these apartments are to be within the luxury, high end price range; opposition still stands tall.

Many activists believe that today’s skyscrapers represent ego statements of the bankers’ cash bonus culture, both ominous and vulgar. In our attempts to beat the recession, low-rise buildings and regeneration projects seem to be the way forward, both metaphorically and financially.

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