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Ben Parkinson
Ben Parkinson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 08th November 2012

SOS relocates flooded NY insurance agency

Brownstone Agency, a leading New York based insurance company, are the largest East Coast business to be relocated by Search Office Space so far, following the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy.

The company – who are themselves being inundated with claims from fellow storm victims – were flooded out of their waterside office on Old Slip Road following a tidal surge of up to 14ft in the lower Manhattan area.

The resulting power and transport infrastructure failures made relocation in the immediate vicinity impossible, whilst the competition for fully functional flexible office space rose to record levels as businesses sought to consolidate their losses through disaster recovery programmes in executive office suites.

Representatives from Brownstone Agency approached Search Office Space on Tuesday with the requirement of a fully furnished office space to fit 100 workstations.

Jason Soffer, senior consultant at Search Office Space New York, said: “As soon as I got the call from Brownstone, I knew I had to pull something out the bag to get them up and running again ASAP.

“I knew they were already doing their best to handle a mountain of claims, so it was a pleasure to help out a fellow New Yorker.”

The Search Office Space disaster recovery service is designed to rehouse businesses in high quality, fully serviced and functional offices as quickly as possible, following both natural and man-made incidents.

Soffer continued: “We were really pleased with the turnaround. They called on Tuesday and were moving in by Wednesday evening. All the forecasts gave us plenty of time to put plans in place, and I knew the centre I had in mind would provide everything they needed to keep active.”

Brownstone Agency has taken an initial two month lease with the option to extend should repairs and renovations take longer than expected. Representatives have said they hope to be fully operational again by the end of this week.

[caption id="attachment_2155" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Original Brownstone Office Photo courtesy of NYC Office of Emergency Management[/caption]