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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 19th July 2012

SOS survey shows rising phone use

Statistics just released from leading office space consultancy Search Office Space, show that the telephone is king when it comes to doing business.

The figures demonstrate that from 2010 to mid-2012 the percentage of leads that came from phone calls grew by approximately 17%.


These percentages fly in the face of a survey by telecoms regulator Ofcom which in its Communications Market Report 2012 states that overall time spent talking on the phone fell by 5% in 2011.

This reflects a 10% fall in the volume of calls from landlines, and for the first time ever, a fall in the volume of mobile calls (by just over 1%) in 2011.

In contrast the average number of texts sent per mobile phone user climbed to 200 per month, a 16.6% rise on the previous year.

“Our experience is that people are increasingly turning to the phone to contact us,” explained a spokesperson from Search Office Space. “They can explain their requirements quickly and we can respond just as rapidly. We use other methods too of course, but our figures show – businesses prefer the phone.”