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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 21st February 2008

Start-ups: the excellent benefits when they choose the serviced office option

Nowadays in the market place we can observe the number of SMEs and start-ups increasing day after day. In the fast growing industries where companies face stiff competition, serviced office space have proven to be an ideal, easy and fast solution.

Running a SME or start-up is a daily challenge where the focus has to be kept on every opportunity to save money and be faster than your competitors. Saving Money is a major concern once these small businesses are considering the office options available to them.

Leasehold of conventional space? Freehold? Serviced Office Space?

A wide range of option are available, but when the business employs 20 people or less, the option of a 10 year lease on conventional space or a freehold seem to be a very risky options, especially when we know that these businesses are due to grow in the first few years after the company has been set up.

This is why a Serviced Office is an ideal option as your first office. This type of space is the most flexible option available for start-up’s and SME’s:

They will have the Flexibility of taking small space with options to expand, on license agreement from as short as 1 month. The Business also do not only offer fully furnished offices but also provide with “hot desks”, meeting rooms on a pay-as-you-go basis and a wide range of secretarial and support services.

Time is money, so it is important not to spend months to look for the right office especially when you need to concentrate on growing your business. With serviced offices, businesses can move in within 24 hours! We would describe it as Plug & Play offices. The only thing the business needs to do is actually to bring their computers in, plug it in, and they are instantly ready to run their business. Everything else is taken care of by the Business Centre including, cleaning, office maintenance, IT and telecoms…

Serviced offices pricing is all inclusive, which means that the monthly fee is easier and more convenient to manage and budget for.

A better business image! With the hard competition between Business Centres, SMEs and start-ups can be assured of well managed accommodation. Business Centres ensure that companies renting their space will be located in an attractive environment that is well presented, thus enhancing your business image and creating an excellent first impression to your clients.

Serviced Office space is the new temporary and medium term solution for businesses looking at a fast and easy solution.

Should you have any client you believe would be interested, or if you are interested for your own business, please call us today and let our experts help you.

SOS is also happy to share the commission we receive from Business Centres for every deal we close with clients you would refer to us.